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Regular maintenance ensures longevity of major components of your vehicle. Mandatory maintenance items include filters and lubricants that have a limited lifespan and therefore need to be replaced every 10,000 km on a diesel and 15,000km on a petrol vehicle OR 12 months to limit costly repairs caused by excessive wear and tear. We use quality replacement parts, and all components replaced carry a 3 month / 10 000 km warranty. Regular & Major service intervals This is based on the Manufacturers Specification for your vehicle. As a Guideline: Petrol Vehicles every 15,000 km’s or 12 Months Diesel Vehicles every 10,000km’s or 12 Months Regular Service: Replace engine oil Replace Oil Filter Replace Air Filter if Required Inspect bulbs Inspect & report all fluids & oils Complementary wash & vacuum 50 point assessment & fault report Major Service (typically 30,000km intervals) Replace engine oil Replace oil filter Replace fuel filter Replace air filter Replace spark plugs (Where required) Inspect bulbs Inspect & report all fluids & oils Complementary wash & vacuum 50 point assessment & fault report 50 Point check On both the service schedules we also include a 50 point check where we inspect and/or adjust components and furnish you with a fault report on any defects we might find as listed below: Engine bay components Front & Rear brakes Front & Rear suspension Steering system Cooling system Ignition system Diagnostics Report Safety Components Battery & electrical system Drivetrain components Motor Lubrication Products | Motor Oil Products Engine oil and lubrication additives have become more sophisticated in their design and they not only help with lubricating of an engine, but they now also work in assisting with a vehicle’s road performance. Because your engine is made up of a complex system of moving parts, this tends to cause a lot of friction and wear and tear to the engine. By taking care of your engine with the right motor oils and lubricants you help reduce the adverse effects that this would have on the engine.